Stay close to the sport that you love and become a judge for the LHSPLA! Join a growing group of professional high school powerlifting OFFICIALS in Louisiana and become part of the LHSPLA. We are looking for enthusiastic men and women throughout Louisiana interested in doing something challenging and rewarding, all while earning some extra cash. ARE YOU READY TO MAKE THE CALL???

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Contact your local Assignment Secretary or the LHSPLA Director of OFFICIALS
Director of OFFICIALS:
Steve Baronich
(225) 335-9196

Assignment Secretary - North/Central:
Tyler Gerfers
(281) 782-6230

Assignment Secretary - East/West:
Teresa Lavergne
(337) 247-1836

Assignment Secretary - South:
Michelle Diaz
(504) 913-1187